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Aware™ Finance

Aware™ Finance Management system is integrated with Aware™ Supply Chain Solutions to help customers streamline back office financial processes. With Aware™ Finance, you can seamlessly manage your general ledger, payables, receivables fixed assets and cash flow. Multiple companies, locations and currencies are supported to help you manage your financial processes across a global supply chain. Data entry needs to be done only once at the point of order entry activity in the warehouse using hand-held devices and real-time, highly accurate information becomes immediately available to the entire enterprise right at their fingertips. This means that the sales, purchase and warehouse departments can all access the same information simultaneously and the invoicing process can be expedited with real-time data availability.

Since the finance system is integrated with the Aware SCE solutions, you can achieve a tight 24/7 operation with no dependencies on another stand-alone financial system that may be down for some reason, including backup procedures, eliminating lack of data availability and data synchronization issues.

With Aware Finance, you get a single source of financial truth to gain an accurate view of corporate performance and make better informed decisions with a high level of confidence. A comprehensive set of customizable management reports and analysis capability is also included in the system. In addition to all the transaction reports, a host of other useful reports are included such as profit analysis, ageing, accounts and job ledger, statement of accounts, trial balance, profit and loss (including job wise) and balance sheet.

Intuitive and Easy to Use:

§          Intuitive user interface facilitates accessing relevant information instantly with a mouse click.

§          Seamless integration with Aware Supply Chain Solutions.

§          Flexible and adaptable architecture allows easy setup and configuration as well as quick implementation.

Rich Functionality:

§          Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-location support.

§          Flexible account structure with complete account analysis and drill down to source transaction.


§          Get a clear financial view of your organization for tighter budgeting controls.

§          Improve cash flow by expediting billing

§          Manage operations on a global scale with multi-company, multi-location and multi-currency facilities.

§          Improve customer service from accuracy and timeliness of information.

§          Improve Facilitate just-in-time deliveries and manage delivery of time-sensitive stock.


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