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Aware™ Performance Management (APM)

Leveraging the power of knowledge and widely using information to support decision making offers increased insight and corporate agility and, therefore, improved competitiveness. With enhanced data quality and timeliness, you can get accurate transaction reporting related to the who, when, and where type of questions. Key business metrics can be tracked in real-time to answer the why questions. With such useful information, enterprise performance can be closely monitored and appraised for improvement strategies related to the management of inventories, transportation systems and entire distribution networks across your supply chain, from source to consumption.

Performance management solutions from Exactus can help you transform raw data within your enterprise into strategic, actionable information. A single shared view of the business is presented through dashboards, scorecards and analytic applications. Our prepackaged key performance indicators (KPI), analytics, and alerts can help you zero in on the primary drivers behind supply chain processes such as planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and returns so that you can analyze and act accordingly to increase your supply chain efficiency and performance against goals over time. Our best-practice analytic applications can help provide guided root-cause analysis across the supply chain to help managers get to the heart of their question. Whether it is reporting, analytical processing or event management, you can easily access and analyze data presented in a business context, slice and dice to see information from any perspective and drill down through detail levels to get to the bottom of what is driving key performance indicators. 

Alerts and intelligent agents can be provided to notify you of any out-of-line situation when a preset threshold is reached. Based on the particular event, some action can then be taken.

Exactus have developed pre-built rapid deployment templates for Aware supply chain execution application, with the underlying universes and objects based on world-class Cognos and Business Objects query, reporting and analysis engines. Business users, managers and senior executives can leverage our pre-built model templates to access, analyze, and explore corporate data and quickly understand trends and key business drivers.


§          Full integration with Aware Supply Chain Solutions.

§          Single, shared view of the business.

§          Pre-built data models optimized for Aware database schema.

Full Functionality:

§          Pixel perfect reporting, managed reports, ad-hoc queries and dashboards, analytics and event management.

§          Guided root cause analysis, slice and dice and drill down capabilities.

§          Self-service capability for different user types.

§          Zero-footprint, web-based deployment and a flexible, scalable architecture to support future growth.


§          Get a 360 degree view of your business.

§          Identify and track customer and operational trends and key business metrics.

§          Monitor and track enterprise performance in real-time to fine-tune business processes.

§          Effectively manage customer, partner and supplier relationships.

§          Align actions with strategy to help improve organizational performance.

§          Identify opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve supplier management and optimize delivery.


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