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Aware™ Transportation Management System (TMS)

Aware TMS is a full featured system that can improve process automation, optimize routing and increase visibility to help significantly reduce transportation costs while improving customer service levels. The Aware TMS module is tightly integrated with Aware WMS.

Accurate and on-time deliveries, short order cycles and efficient and cost-effective distribution of inventories are a business imperative in today’s dynamic business environment. Aware TMS can help you manage the entire transportation execution lifecycle by quickly responding to changing conditions whilst minimizing manual shipping processes, lowering costs, facilitating prompt deliveries and providing measurable improvements in customer service.

Optimizing fulfillment of continuous order streams in the face of varying customer demands, cost pressures and service window constraints is a challenge that requires not only consideration for least-cost transportation mode, carrier and routing, but also striking a balance with such variables as load consolidation, pool points, zone skipping, cross-dock and merge-in transit. Aware TMS can help you dynamically optimize your logistics operations to maximize transportation efficiency and reduce cycle times and transportation costs.

Whether you want to manage your own fleet, track on-board shipments or broker freight from other carriers, the TMS module of Aware provides all the functionality needed to accomplish these tasks. Sophisticated rating, billing and payment processing capabilities are included. With the built-in load planning and configuration tools, customer orders are manipulated to create optimal, multi-modal shipment plans and loads that maximize capacity utilization, pre-assign carriers, balance trailer weights, create least cost shipment plans and review route and stop configurations. Dynamic routing allows you to strategically combine shipments across several suppliers.


§          Full integration with Aware WMS

§          Seamless operations and streamlined processes from order to picking through shipping.

§          High Adaptability

§          Highly flexible and adaptable architecture allows easy setup and configuration without altering existing processes.

§          Easy and quick implementation.

§          Highly intuitive interface facilitates quick learning and user acceptance to provide speedy ROI.

Full Functionality:

All the key features and advanced functionality are included in Aware TMS including route management, GPRS vehicle tracking, asset management, job management, shipment tracking, freight billing and asset management

§          Extensive management reporting and event management via alerts and notification.

§          RF and RFID support.


§          Improve customer service levels with accurate and on-time deliveries.

§          Reduce transportation operations costs to strengthen the bottom line.

§          Improve relationships with customers, suppliers and carriers by providing higher visibility of shipments.

§          Reduce delivery cycle time and provide better customer service.


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