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Aware™ Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Efficient and cost effective control, tracking and distribution of inventory across the supply chain are the most vital processes of any manufacturing, retail or distribution business. As companies strive to improve their financial and operational performance, getting products and materials in and out of the door faster, more cost effectively and with fewer errors are becoming a business imperative for their survival. These challenges are compounded in the face of a changing landscape that reflects the complexity of specialized fulfillment requirements, outsourcing, globalization and increased regulations compliance. Global competition is a reality in today’s business climate, no matter how large or small your enterprise. So is the need for businesses to streamline their process models and implement the right set of technologies to hone their competitive edge and maximize market opportunities. To help companies meet these challenges Exactus developed the Aware™ logistics management solution that can help businesses streamline operations and optimize supply chain execution to deliver their customers the right products, at the right time, in the right place, economically and with a high degree of efficacy.

Warehouse operations are the nerve center of the supply chain, providing accuracy and high visibility of inventory, responsive and flexible distribution networks, product information and superior levels of customer service. More than just a place for storing products or materials, warehouses are becoming controlling systems for what are essentially high-level demand fulfillment centers that must respond to increasingly sophisticated and complex customer requirements such as unique packaging, compliance labeling or special deliveries. Aware WMS provides a high degree of operations configuration to address customer-specific demands as well as allow for adapting to different environments such as mass merchandising, business-to-business or home delivery.

Aware is a proven platform that helps you achieve optimum storage space utilization, accurate stock detail, efficient customer service, centralized control and systems management, traceability of stock across multiple sites, and efficient utilization of resources. You can optimize warehouse space and improve resource utilization to help reduce operational and capital costs. With our solution, you can improve picker productivity, reduce pick times and reduce pick errors for improved order fulfillment. RF directed processes can help eliminate errors, reduce labor costs and significantly improve accuracy. Moreover, accurate real-time inventory visibility achieved through Aware can help reduce shrinkage, spoilage and safety stock as well as facilitate better decision making. You can track units down to atomic level of detail including lot number, origin, serial number and date code. The cycle counting feature of Aware lets you minimize disruptions in operations by eliminating the need for physical stock count.

Seamless integration with industry leading transportation optimization solutions can also be easily achieved. With Aware, you can reliably plan, execute, track and audit your shipping and receiving operations with real-time visibility and intelligent exception management.

Comprehensive Features:

§          Open standards based scalable architecture with no single point of bottleneck.

§          Extremely intuitive and highly configurable Explorer-like interface.

§          Inventory management support for multiple UOM, lot control, and catch weights.

§          Comprehensive solution for multi-company, multi-location, multicurrency and multi-service provider operations.

§          Integrates with bar code and wireless RF data collection devices and RFID.

§          Extensive built-in MIS reports and pre-built data models to support ad-hoc reporting and performance analytics (KPIs, dashboards, etc).

§          Complex storage charge computations using income or volume based analysis for site, product and product-UOM level.

§          High level security and control features can secure Aware at the database, application, menu, module and module-operations level.


§          Reduce operational and capital costs by optimizing warehouse space and improving resource utilization.

§          Improve order fulfillment and accuracy.

§          Achieve real-time visibility and intelligent exception management.

§          Eliminate shipping errors and reduce freight costs.

§          Increase asset utilization and optimize order fulfillment for efficiency and cost savings.

§          Facilitate just-in-time deliveries and manage delivery of time-sensitive stock.


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