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BI Center of Excellence

BSG is dedicated to delivering best practice business intelligence and data warehousing solutions to customers in the region. Supporting the practice is a center which offers an array of products and services to assist in the definition, development and implementation of strategic data warehouses, data marts, enterprise data conversion, reporting, analytics and data quality solutions. The Center is vendor independent and serves as a testing and implementation point for leading data warehouse tools and technologies. The Center's facilities, staffing and technical environment has served as a viable option for our client's end-user and information systems group training, off-site/outsourced development, and operational and maintenance services including technical support, maintenance, client and server software installation, hardware and software upgrades, as well as hosting support.

BSG’s Centers of Excellence are comprised of skilled, experienced and high performance teams that provide insight, guidance and services in the Data Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Disciplines through a proven set of best practices. The members of these teams are core competency experts within their respective discipline, certified in one or more technology products. They work directly with client teams providing mentoring, education and the necessary knowledge transfer to empower clients with a proven, experience-based, and best practices approach.

This unique combination of best-in-class resources and best practices guarantee the delivery of added-value to our clients.

 BSG’s BI CoE objective is to develop industry best practices that can be deployed in our client environment. With various versions of the tools regularly coming into the market, clients are faced with a tough task of whether or not to implement them without the knowledge of the benefits and risks.

For those clients, who are intrigued by the technology and yet don’t have an environment, BSG provides a perfect lab to jump start their BI initiatives. Setup with multiple servers and latest versions of the software tools, databases and operating systems, clients can try out various combinations of tools, technologies and environments with their own data or sample data. The center draws upon the skills of seasoned BI practitioners who specialize in industry domains, and various technologies to:

§          Create "Best practices" and "Next practices"

§          Test drive the Business Intelligence tools

§          Adopt the latest technologies to craft advanced analytical solutions

§          Research the BI tools market for innovative products

§          Assist clients in tools selection

§          Create and enhance knowledge base of “What works and What does not”

§          Create value added utilities


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