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Cognos business intelligence software delivers the information that drives better business decisions to improve your organization's performance:

   · Leverage your existing data investment—BI takes the volume of data your organization collects and stores, and turns it into meaningful reports and analysis that everyone can use.
   · Understand the why behind results—See information across departments and drill down to discover the underlying causes of how you're performing.
   · Align everyone with one, reliable version of business issues—with common data definitions and understanding of priorities, you will spend less time debating the data and more time deciding what to do.
   · Shorten the time to make the right decision—Timely reports and self-service reporting let you see changes when they happen and make the right decisions at the right time.
   · Meet the information needs of all users—flexible, user-friendly reporting means everyone can have the right information delivered in the right way.

Cognos 8 Business Intelligence is the only solution that provides complete BI functionality in one product, on a single, proven architecture. It delivers seamless reporting, analysis, scorecarding, dashboards, and business event management. It makes all systems and data sources available. It simplifies your IT environment and the way everyone works with information.

The result is higher user adoption, better decisions, and a quicker response to threats and opportunities across the organization. Cognos 8 BI is the clear choice for BI standardization and a cornerstone of better performance management.

Value for IT | Value for BUSINESS USERS

Value for IT:

Deliver all BI capabilities from a single product

   · Single product and architecture with all capabilities: Reporting, analysis, scorecards, dashboards, business event management, as well as data integration.
   · Simplified maintenance: Zero-footprint, browser-based deployment and administration. No duplication among BI capabilities.
   · Increase BI adoption: One product meets the needs of your entire user base, from casual users to power users.
   · Proven integration: Web services architecture simplifies deployment and administration. Single, open API lets you integrate with existing security, portals, and IT infrastructure. No single point of failure.

Serve all users with BI that matches their needs

   · BI consumers: Deliver pixel-perfect reports to their desktops with secure Web portal access adaptable to mobile devices.
   · Senior executives: Deliver scorecarding, dashboards, and reports for quick communication of complex data.
   · Business managers: Deliver all BI capabilities, with drag-and-drop simplicity and the same zero-footprint interface.
   · Professional authors/analysts: Deliver advanced features such as high-volume burst reports for distribution, full range of report elements and output types, and reporting and analysis against relational or multidimensional sources.
   · IT administrators: Deliver a zero-footprint, browser-based environment, modular deployment, consistent metadata, and access to all corporate data on a Web services architecture.

Leverage all corporate data

   · Open data strategy and common metadata: Common business rules, calculations, and filters consolidate your heterogeneous data into a consistent business view.
   · Direct access: Leverage the information directly from existing sources including relational, OLAP, and other multidimensional data.
   · EII: Access multiple disparate data sources in batch, historic, or real time. Use the built-in Enterprise Information Integration (EII) capability or third-party integration technologies.
   · ETL: Integrate, cleanse, transform, and aggregate data for a consolidated historical view. A dimensional framework provides information formatted in the way business users think and optimized for all BI capabilities.

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Work with information your way

Cognos 8 BI supplies the complete range of information and capabilities you need to support your decisions and guide your work day.

   · Stay connected: Use managed reports, scorecards, dashboards, and alerts.
   · Find the answers: Build reports and queries to address your questions.
   · Explore trends: Perform in-depth, comparative analysis.

Business intelligence that fits your role

   · Information you need: Depending on your job, you may need regular reports, vital signs at-a-glance, up-to-date reports, or the ability to dive more deeply into information. Use information the way you want.
   · Presented for you: Get the portal and UI that fits your needs, rather than a generic one for highly technical users.
   · Better collaboration: Everyone using the same system and common data increases collaboration across roles and functions.

See all the data you need

   · Complete access to your data: Connect systems such as operations, resources, customers, and finance to deliver a common business view of your data and answer all your questions.
   · Data consistency: Gain a single business view of your corporate data. Be confident that you and your colleagues are working with the same numbers.
   · Reduce your time to action: Unite your corporate data, so departments, divisions, and business units can easily share information from different sources. Spend less time gathering information or reconciling incompatible data.

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