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Make the organization's priorities everyone's priorities A Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system automates and preserves senior management intent-making the organization's strategy and priorities everyone's priorities. It provides these three core values:

   •  Information delivery—Understand the business.
   •  Performance oversight—Manage the business.
   •  Performance effectiveness—Improve the business.

Information delivery
Underpinning CPM is the communication of information and strategy. Not just one-way, and more than two-way, rather, in multiple directions. Information delivery provides everyone with the information and strategic context they need to do their work. It's about getting the facts and making informed decisions. With a CPM system, you can deliver direct access by decision makers throughout the organization to consistent, actionable information. With information delivery, you have helped everyone understand the business.

Performance Oversight
Performance oversight provides senior decision-makers with the levers they need to optimize the business. A CPM system delivers an aggregate view of operations that allows management to optimize current practices, within established constraints.

Effective systems of controls, accountability and measurement through metrics, inclusive planning, and timely reporting ensure management can discharge its oversight requirements.

With oversight, you help decision-makers manage the business. Through information delivery, you have put everyone on the same page. Oversight lets you distribute accountability and responsibility and transparently see the results.

Performance Effectiveness
Performance effectiveness is about executives having all necessary information when they make long-term decisions about the strategic direction of the company. It is also about strategic planning, removing constraints, and helping the executive level set new targets and goals.

With effectiveness, you give management and senior executives an automated, systemic means to improve the business. People are aligned, people understand their responsibilities, and with effectiveness, you can move the company as one entity towards its future goals.

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While you may have any number of decisions to make during your business day, they depend on answers to these fundamental questions: 

   •  How are we doing?
   •  Why?
   •  What should we be doing?

Technologies like Scorecarding, business intelligence, and planning and consolidation answer these questions. The answers must also be based on a common understanding of metrics, data dimensions, data definitions, and views of the organization.

CPM's real value is found in the seamless way decision-makers can move among these fundamental questions. The single, integrated technology platform is vital, so important in fact, that the practical definition of CPM became the integration and automation of scorecarding, business intelligence, and planning.

Cognos delivers the integrated planning, query and reporting, analysis, dashboards, event management and metrics management capabilities necessary for better decisions and performance management. It underpins these capabilities with the platform services necessary for complete integration.

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With Planning and consolidation software, address performance problems such as:

 • Inflexible, time-consuming planning produces results that are not worth the effort.
 • Financial and consolidation processes are circuitous; depend on too many manual interventions, and present significant control risk.
 • Planning by Finance departments primarily means other departments aren't engaged effectively or don't buy-in.
 • Performance targets are best guesses rather than predictable, creating problems with the market and shareholders.

With Scorecarding and Dashboard software, address performance problems such as:

 • Management doesn't have an effective snapshot view of business performance.
 • People don't understand how strategy translates into priorities.
 • People lack the information to be held accountable because they can't measure how they are performing against targets.
 • You base metrics on what can be measured, rather than what must be accomplished.

With Business Intelligence, address performance problems such as:

 • Meetings bog down in multiple versions and interpretations of the truth.
 • You don't understand the "Why" behind business results.
 • Information in reports arrives too late for action.

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