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Data Integration

Data integration is a key component within Cognos 8 Business Intelligence, a single product that provides complete BI capabilities on a proven architecture.

Cognos data integration is an enterprise-wide ETL solution designed for high performance business intelligence. It optimizes data merging, extraction, transformation, and dimensional management to deliver data warehouses ready for business reporting and analysis.

BI Data Integration
 · Patented automated dimensional management.
 · Multi-platform, server-based engine processes large volumes of data in short update windows with minimal hardware investment.
 · Working within existing data architectures, the powerful pipelined transformation engine reads the data in a single pass, delivering high throughput.
 · Delivers key metadata to the Cognos 8 BI metadata environment.
 · Provides read access to all modeled data in the Cognos 8 metadata environment.

Unique dimensional framework
 · Delivers data warehouses that consist of coordinated data marts to provide conformed dimensions and facts that are shared across subject areas.
 · Delivers a consistent, accurate, and reusable data foundation by conforming key dimensions such as time, product, and customer to enable reporting and analysis across business areas.
 · Flexible dimensional framework adapts to business changes and can scale up to an enterprise solution.
 · Automated dimensional management capabilities:
 o Surrogate key management for dimensions and facts.
 o Delivery of conformed dimensions and facts.
 o Support for slowly changing dimensions.
 o Late arriving facts and dimensions.
 o Hierarchy definitions and validation.

Integration with Cognos Planning
 · Integrates Cognos Planning data for write back to your data warehouse.
 · Extends BI capabilities to include planning data with your actuals.

 · Integrates with source control systems, promotes or shares components from environment to environment, and performs component impact analysis.
 · From any client machine, process builds on any server located in the network using Web services.
 · For any build, see in a graphical environment how it has performed over time by reviewing log files and analyzing statistics or view any current process as it executes.

Easy to use

 · Intuitive graphical environment enables:
 o Rapid development and deployment.
 o Merging of heterogeneous data sources.
 o Easy management of projects.
 o Drag and drop capabilities.
 o Data profiling and quality checking.
 · Iterative development environment results in short implementation cycles.
 · Multi-developer support.
 · Interactive wizards help you to quickly develop builds.


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