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Exactus Competency Center

BSG recognizes that a “one size fits all” model cannot be utilized in implementing and deploying advanced technology solutions across different industry verticals. Rather, the deployment methodology must incorporate a comprehensive and strategic approach and must encompass services tailored to an organization’s specific business needs, taking into account technology, people, skills, resources, business processes as well as organizational culture. BSG's Exactus Supply Chain Competency Center offers clients a more focused delivery channel for our solutions and services. Our premise and basis for the need of such a competency center is founded on the past experience of many highly successful implementations as well as the feedback and specific requirements highlighted by customers. The Center comprises of a team of cross-functional experts with clearly defines tasks, roles, responsibilities and processes for supporting the most effective deployment and use of Exactus solutions.

BSG has formalized the best practices around people, processes, methodologies, policies, definitions, tools and technologies to help deliver fast and consistent results very cost-effectively. BSG's Exactus Competency Center serves as the single point of contact for resources and reference for best practices. Our customers have access to a pool of thought leaders, strategists, development personnel, industry domain experts, and accomplished Supply Chain practitioners, all under one roof.

The standardization of planning and methodologies related to implementation and centralization of shared information, domain knowledge and best practices within the Competency center provides guidance and benefit from past successes and lessons learned to ensure that deployments are successful. The entire project life-cycle, from analysis, design and deployment to skills transfer, user adoption and on-going support, becomes a predictable, repeatable, and dependable process. Organizations realize maximum benefit in terms of efficiency, quality, better product usage, reduced project lead time, superior value and lower project costs.

Whilst the Exactus applications are very flexible and highly parameterized to begin with, one very important benefit to our customers is that Competency Center can offer them additional latitude to customize and adapt the solutions to their business processes and meet many client-specific requirements related to reporting, specialized labeling, local customs/free-zone documentation and other processes.


By enforcing standards and leveraging our specialized skills, domain expertise, trusted methodologies and fine-tuned processes across projects, BSG can help organizations consistently decrease the overall costs and minimize the identified risks typically associated with such projects. BSG can offer our customers consultancy, implementation, platform administration and configuration, performance tuning, benchmarking and training services.

BSG's Exactus competency center has certified and trained consultants who have in-depth understanding of Exactus Supply Chain solutions and the underlying technology architecture to cater to the needs of a diverse customer base in the Middle East. By taking into consideration, people, processes and technology factors, BSG’s experienced team of principal advisors, business analysts and technical consultants work closely with customers to ensure a streamlined implementation of Exactus Supply Chain solutions that deliver quantifiable value, right from strategic planning through to deployment.


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