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Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) adoption within supply chains is becoming a business imperative. Often, the reasons for implementing this technology are either driven by mandates of major retail and distribution companies and the department of defense or prospects for achieving operational improvements from reorganizing and streamlining warehouse processes. Whatever the reasons, the potential to realize immediate benefits of timely and accurate data, coupled with efficiencies and labor savings in receiving, picking and shipping operations, are enormous.

Exactus offers RFID2Go solution for companies seeking to meet RFID/EPC mandates of the major retail and distribution companies, whilst transforming the way your company does business with improvements in such areas as product authentication, shipping and receiving, validation, inventory management and product tracking across your supply chain. You can mix RFID and barcode processing at the item, case and pallet level to enable you to make a smooth transition as you transform and adapt your processes and workflows.

With our EPC compliant RFID2Go solution, there is no guesswork involved in implementing a solution that encompasses various technology elements such as tags, readers, printers and middleware. The Exactus RFID solution leverages our own technologies as well as leading edge technologies from our partners, along with a robust middleware integration platform that has already been tested for a quick and easy deployment. With no integration issues related to platform, data formats or communication protocols, you can be assured of a smooth and timely RFID implementation without risk or uncertainties.


§          Reduce labor requirements and costs

§          Achieve full EPC compliance

§          Reduce inventory costs and stock-outs

§          Reduce product pilferage and loss and improve counterfeit control

§          Improve supply chain visibility with better product tracking and traceability

§          Streamline logistics operations with improved data accuracy and higher visibility of RFID processing

§          Ensure quick, easy and risk-free RFID solution implementation 


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